Tuesday, 27 October 2015

A Great Tool for Travel Agents & Agencies - white label travel portal

Do not think of a travel portal booking engine as a mere technical solution, it has a lot in its kitty to take your business to the next level. Think of a booking engine as a tool that enables you to offer your services on a complete platter to customers and at the same time adds to their ease as they can make all the bookings at a single place. The most important thing that needs to be comprehended by travel agents when getting a booking engine developed is that they need to go with a service provider that has extensive experience. It would be a great idea to look at the past deliverables as with this one can judge on the caliber and competence both.

It is to be comprehended that with a well developed travel portal booking engine it would get easier for a travel agent to offer services to clients and that too in an easy way. We all know that most of the agents and agencies out there are considering the option of travel portal development as it places them in a comfortable position amongst the competition and also opens doors for increased sales and commissions.

When it comes to choosing a booking engine, you need to look out for the most important feature and functionalities without which doing business won’t be that easy:

Ensure that the travelportal booking engine comes with a booking confirmation functionality as with this the bookers will get a confirmation that the booking has been made via an email and this is going to add to their ease Always go in for an engine that makes it easy for the customers to explore out the options before making the final pick Do not miss on map based search feature as this is going to help you touch the global customer base Try and have multiple modules integrated in an easy to access format as this would fasten up the booking process.

Although travelportal development services are offered by many, you need to go with the one that offers all basic and advanced features in the form of customized solutions.

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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Why waste money, when you can have your own travel portal

Gaining the brand presence is very important to fuel the growth of your travel business. A smart approach and a powerful one, that defines the future state of travel industry is a well-designed travel portal. Most of you, owning travel agencies, spend huge chunks of money in adopting expensive ways to build your travel portal and promote them. As a result, not only will you fail to optimise your travel business process, but also you are a key stoke away in adopting cost effective methods. Hence one of the best ways to have an optimised and user friendly booking tools is adopting a right travel software solutions.

Now, that you understand the importance of having a travel portal , then you should certainly consider to know whether, the travel portal you adopt is efficient and cost effective. Hence, while adopting any travel software solution, use a online travel management system that holds various Online Reservation System & Online booking software, such as Hotel reservation systems (Hotel booking software),Airline reservation system (Flight booking system), Bus booking system , & Vacation planners and other internet booking engines. Besides it very important you to integrate with good suppliers and have your own promotional codes and custom made packages.

Travel portal development being one of the top travel technology companies has all the above functionalities that improves and grows your travel business online. At TPd  we categorise Travel portal development into two various modules ie, B2B Travel portal development, B2B2B Travel Agency Software, B2C, B2B2C Travel portal development. B2B & B2B2B module helps travel agents to enhance their business with travel portals, while b2c module enables the end users to directly use the online travel portal to book, print and mail the tickets.

At Travel portal development we integrate and deploy various reservation system, be a hotel reservation system, airline reservation system, bus reservation system. We build and deploy robust reservation system by integrating various GDS Such as Amadeus, Travelport UAPI, Galileo & Sabre Webservices Integration and Non GDS (Third party/ Native/Consolidators) web services (APIs) for Flights, Hotels, Holidays, Cruises, Sightseeing, Cars, Transfers, Rail Booking Engines and other XML other XML API integration solutions.

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Friday, 18 September 2015

Online white label Portal solution for travel agents

Travel business is growing fast online. Most of travel agencies have their own B2C & B2B travel portal, travel ecommerce website, some even have a travel mobile app just for their customers. But still most of the travel agencies in developing countries have websites, which don’t possess ecommerce functionalities. They just gives you some information on who started the travel agency and when, little bit more about services and packages. But you can’t book a flight ticket or hotel room through it. And the travel agencies think they have a good “online presence”.

Over the last decade, a lot have changed in the way, people used to search and book travels deals. There is a clear trend in OTA model and usage of travel technology solutions have gone higher. Travel technology companies are working hand in hand with travel agencies to make their processes online almost 100%. Starting from the consultation needed for IATA accreditation, to GDS and APIs access – travel technology companies are sharing their wealth of experience to make the process quicker.

In general, if one is looking for travel technology solutions – its always better to find a professional travel technology company. They analyze each travel agent’s business environment. They do a thorough study of the travel products and services they want to market. Who are their suppliers and what is the nature of their customers? What are their short-term and long-term business ambitions?

Travel technology companies help them in devising an effective online strategy taking into account all the above. They enhance their digital presence through Twitter, Facebook, email, etc. They develop travel portal using the best of travel technology and web services available. Setting up engines for booking flights, hotels, etc, as per the requirements.  The suppliers are integrated. Then the content management is started.

No travel agency can wish away the negative impacts if they just try to avoid adopting technology to improve its business. More and more people resort to online booking or booking through mobile apps. Agencies improve their office work by automating them. No travel agency can stand apart from this avalanche of travel technology.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

How to Build B2B White Label Travel Portal with Flight and Hotel Booking Engine

How to Build B2B White Label Travel

Portal with Flight and Hotel Booking


Travel companies can now bring some amount of diversification to their tourism business. This has been facilitated through travel technology software development going in the online market.  For traditional travel businesses which used to function with an office setup in a town or city and were struggling as much reach as possible can now deal in the new way through these travel technology software resources. A travel portal is one example of such travel technologies.
Customized Portal Developer
Through a basic travel portal, you can almost run one part of the travel business entirely on the internet. Isn’t it fascinating that instead of dealing with your staff in the office of your travel company, you can now just sit behind the screen of internet and run the entire tourism business from one spot to just anyone in the world. The travel portal is indeed the most effective way to expand your business in matter of few days of building it. It is globally accessible and can even be customized anytime in the manner you want to make future business.
Travel Portal
For any travel company, it might seem a pain in the neck to reach out to each individual, deal with them, provide services to the clients directly. Even if you have enough reach of your business in a vast region of land, still there are many complications to continue with clients. The alternative to this can be business to business deal between travel agencies. One can also easily expand its domain with b2b method of business. A b2b travel portal with flight & hotel booking engine can be built by any travel technology company in the market. Travel Portal Development is such a travel technology company which is a Customized Portal Developer and service provider to many travel companies today.
Tour and Travel Portal Solutions
It is the Top B2B  White Label Travel Portal Development Company in the country and established in Delhi. Once we take the responsibility of building a travel portal for your travel company, there’s nothing left for any travel company to worry about. Our company proves the most reliable to most tourism businesses in India and hope you will find it the same.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Travel portal development is a one stop solution provider for all the technology needs of travel agents, consolidators, corporate travel consultants, hotelier and tour operators. Our customers benefit immensely in scaling up their business by utilizing our technology solutions and services specific to their growing requirements.

Our solutions are built upon Software as a Service model that saves huge costs on hardware / software expenditures and cater to the specific needs of variety of travel businesses dealing in Flight bookings, Hotel bookings, Car rentals, Corporate bookings and Visa processing. So if you are thinking of either starting up a travel business or if you already have an established business and looking for a technology partner to meet your growing business needs.

look no further.. Travel Portal Development is the answer. 

  • End to end technology solutions for travel businesses.
  • Over 10 years of travel industry experience.
  • Simple to use quality solutions to exhibit class, credibility, quality & professionalism of travel businesses.
  • Ready to implement cost effective SaaS based travel solutions.
  • Customer base across globe.
  • Own high end secured web servers that guarantees data security and maximum bandwidth.
  • Availability of huge inventory from Hotel and Airline suppliers.
  • 5 best ways to grow your travel business online

     5 best ways to grow your travel business online

    Technology has become integral part of everyone’s life. Our screens light up early in the morning and never cease to be under effect until we hit the bed. When the technology has intensified its dominance, then we certainly have to ask are we using right technology to address our customers. With ever-changing lifestyle, are we using right approaches to connect with our customers?
    Travel industry is taking giant strides in India today. With lot of advancements in travel technologies, customers are focussed on user-friendly and efficient travel sites. Hence we have to make smart decisions before we embark on using the right travel software.
    As mentioned earlier, travel technology has changed the landscape of today’s travel industry. Hence we have to use right online travel solutions that can improve your travel business outcomes. Creating your presence on some other travel portal websites can drain your revenue. Besides, these travel portals will not only display your company, but also showcase your competitors as well. Hence gaining a perfect visibility among your customers can be a challenging task.
    Let us know how these travel software can enhance your business outcomes

    1. Personalise your website. Using travel software solutions, you can personalise your website, catering to your customer’s interest.
    2. You enjoy the freedom of choosing any of the hotel/flight/bus suppliers to integrate with your own travel portal.
    3. You can make well planned special offers, promotional code, custom made packages and highlight your services.
    4. You can save sufficient amount of money by avoiding payment for display of your services in other travel portals.
    5. You can integrate with recognised suppliers and create number of suppliers, distributors, agents.
    6. You can know customer’s traffic and their activities.

    At Travel portal development,

    Travel portal development being one of the best travel development portal, can optimise your website by using right travel portal interface to manage travel portal functionalities like User Management, Agent Management, Distributers management , Sub admin modules , mark up management, Booking Management, Email Management ,Supplier management, Currency converter module , Promotion Codes Manager , Special Offers module and many more services. Travel portal development’s advanced software can help you to improve faster and reservation for your customers with customer centric login process. With this travel website software, Travel companies can use the statistic reports and create better functionality for customers. Easy hotel packages, reservation systems can all be accomplished with one of the top travel software like Travel portal development.
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